Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's Party Time!

Hey y'all!  Simply Betty is having a new challenge...Rio cards!  No, not Rio the place...Rio is one of Betty's characters (one of my favorites, actually), and for this challenge you can use ANY Rio stamp! Woo hoo!  Unfortunately, since I'm leaving this until the WAAAAY last probably won't be able to play along.  (Although, you still have 13 hours, so give it a go if you can!)  If you don't make this challenge, though...don't worry.  Another fabulous challenge will be starting tomorrow!

So, here's my entry for the Rio challenge.  

This is Birthday Rio.  She comes with a tiny number 13 on her crown, and usually there's a larger 13 in the air in front of her. Since 13 is my favorite number, you know this must be my favorite Rio.  (At least, so far!)  I decided to create a party invitation.  Is it a birthday party?  Halloween?  Who knows!  Doesn't matter what it's's going to be a blast!  =)

Thanks for stopping by, and I promise I won't cut it so close to the deadline next time!  =)


juelmarie said...

cute card - great job- sometimes it's fun getting in under the wire - running to the finish line and sometimes it just stresses you beyond belief! LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow your coloring is fabulous, she's too sweet, great card. :) Lori m

Sara I. said...

Love the skulls down the side of the card girl - super adorable card! Thanks for the awesome love on my wedding card - you are the best -even if you can't spell ;) hehe

Dana said...

Great card Starla!! I love it!
Have a Blessed Easter : )

Graphicat said...

THis is awesome! I love that you are gonna use it for anything FUN! Great job and so glad you joined us at Simply Betty this week!

Charlene said...

Oh Starla, this card is just too cute! I love that image and decked her out fabulously! My dd would kill for all that fabulous skull dp lol. And I think Rio's friends are just "batty" for the party! (Sorry, I couldn't resist lol). I think this would make a terrific halloween themed wedding invite...she's already all decked out with her dress and tiara.