Friday, June 10, 2011


Is anyone else getting super frustrated with Blogger?  I love this site, I love my blog, and I love being able to follow so many wonderful friends out there.  What I DON'T love is the fact that I cannot comment on certain blogs!  If you have a blog where the comments are embedded (instead of a pop-up window or a seperate URL) I cannot comment on your blog.  My google address doesn't recognize me as being signed just makes me sign in, then goes back to the post and my comment is previewed as annonymous, which prompts it to make me sign in again.  It's a vicious circle with no end.  So, a few weeks ago I created  LiveJournal account, just so I could comment.  Now when I try to use that it says my "open ID cannot be verified" even though I am logged into LiveJournal and have it open in another tab.  So today I created a WordPress blog, just so I could comment.  When i tried that, my work computer blocked it saying I was directed to a hacking website.  I am just so frustrated! 

So, just to let you know...if you have an awesome/sad/touching post, I want to comment on it.  Really, I do.  I am just unable to.  =(

*****Edit!*****  Going through many forum posts on Blogger help, I have found a temporary solution to the log in/comment circle.  When you get redirected to "sign in" to blogger (even if you're already signed in) uncheck the "stay signed in" button.  When you get redirected to the post, your profile will appear.  (I did that, and apprently it still kept me signed in to blogger.) Apparently Blogger/Google engineers are working on the code issue or whatever is causing the problem, but this works for now.  I'm much happier!  =D


Sheree said...

Yay!! I am able to comment on your blog!
I am as frustrated as you are and quite a few of my friends as well. I am going to try using the 'stay signed in button' to see what happens. If this works I'll pass your information on to my bloggers also. Ingenius!
This is the first post I've been able to put on your blog so let's keep our fingers crossed that the issue is now fixed!

Trina said...

Yea, a lot of folks have been having issues these last few weeks. On some blogs (yours is not included), if the person allows people to sign in with the Name/URL option, you can use that too...

Anonymous said...

Hi, Starla! I think we were all having some issues with Blogger a week or so back, but that seems to be okay now. I hope this reaches you...hang in there, honey and someone should be able to help you out! Love looking at your blog and chatting with such sweet friends like you! Keep up the good work!

Gina L said...

Hey, Star. Just wanted to come over and say hi, more than anything else. I had issues with the same thing a week or two ago and that was what I had to do, as well (unclick "stay signed in").

Cely said...

Is that what is happening? I can't leave comments on certain blogs either. Ugh! So many blog problems! Blogger is a big booger!

jenlynnie said...

glad you brought this up. i thought that it was just me.