Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ATC Time!

One of our local scrapbook stores has a monthly ATC club.  Each month you get a theme and you make 20 ATCs.  Then we have a meeting where everyone gets together and swaps their cards.  My mom has done it a couple of times, but this month is my first.  The theme this month is "She Was Named for a Flower."  Originally I had wanted to use a photo of my mom (whose middle name is Rose) but she quickly vetoed that idea.  Then, I bought this GORGEOUS image of a lady with sunflowers all around her dress from A Day for Daisies.  I printed out 20, brought them to a crop on Sunday...and realized it just wouldn't work.  The image, while absolutely lovely, is WAY too detailed to color when sized for an ATC. 

So, there I was, sitting at a 7 hour crop with nothing to do.  I searched through all of the stamps at the LSS...couldn't find what I was looking for.  I walked to Michaels....and they had nothing.  (Has anyone else noticed that Michaels has really reduced their stamp section??)  Back to my LSS I went, head hanging low. What was I going to do?  As I trudged through the stamping section one more time, I saw something out of the corner of my eye.  What is this?  A fairly simple, adorable little girl with flowers?  Perfection!  An ATC was born....

This little cutie is from Stampendous.  I just LOVE the pigtails!  =)  

As I was creating the cards, I ran into a few other issues.  For attending the crop I had received this cute little flower QuicKutz die. I picked out a lovely background paper, and picked out two colored cardstocks to match.  I went to cut the flower out of the cardstock...and the machine didn't work.  No shim.  Oops!  Add a shim and it cuts....one flower.  Ok, this was taking faaaar too long considering I had 40 flowers to do.  So, I bought a punch.  As I sat at my desk with my punched flowers I realized....the flowers fade into the background paper!  So, up I went to find new background paper.  I got all the papers cut, the flowers made. Went to buy the ribbon, sat at my desk and opened it...just to realize it was too sheer to see on top of the dp.  Arg.  So, back into the store I went to find a thicker ribbon.  *Finally* all the pieces are set.  I stamp out 20 images and begin coloring with my Copics.  About 2/3 of the way through....the pink I used for my background ran out.  I didn't have any other light pinks even CLOSE to what I needed.  So, I went out to the store *again*.  I found a marker fairly close, and finished coloring.  By then, the crop was over and it was too late to finish the cards.  At home the next night, halfway through making the cards...I ran out of tape.  ARRRRGGGG!  This time I couldn't just get up to shop, so out came the glue dots.  THEN, I was FINALLY FINISHED!  Yaaaaaay!  LOL

In the end, I think they turned out pretty darn adorable.  I'm happy with my first ATCs for this group, and hope to participate in more swaps in the future.  Hopefully next time it will go a little smoother.  =)

Thanks for listening to my story.  I know, it was probably boring....but it sure was aggravating at the time!  At least I got a lot of steps in that day.  =)

See y'all next time!


Cely said...

Lol, sorry about your misfortune! I had the tape thing happen to me a few times until I realized that I'm going to keep a second mono adhesive with refills on hand at-all-times as a back up. I buy glue quarterly by the case now so that doesn't happen too! :)

All of that was worth it though! They came out super cute!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

wow! i'm tired just thinking how long this took you!!! it's absolutely adorable. i'm a big fan of ATC's too!

you're just so colorful and delightful!

hugs :)

Anonymous said...

Stress, this is suppose to be fun, lol that's what my daughter keeps telling me.

You've made these so pretty even with all the mishaps be proud, they came out picture perfect.

Hugs, Lori m

jenlynnie said...

i feel your pain! i've been there & done that. i hope everyone loved your ATCs. they turned out wonderfully.