Thursday, September 1, 2011

Candy, Candy, Candy!!

Guess what!  It's time for more candy!!  Yay!!  =D  I do love me some candy, and this is the best kind...the kind with NO calories.  Whew!  Take a look at the fabulous new candy being offered over at Tiddly Inks:

Looks yummy, right?  Go HERE to enter.  PLUS....if enough people enter, Christy will put a FREEBIE in the shop...possibly even TWO!!  (150+ people enter = freebie, 300+ people enter = another freebie) 

This only goes until September 15th, so you better hurry up and enter!  =D


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

you find all the good stuff - LOL.

have a fabulous day!

hugs :)

Lynn Weber said...

Hey Girlfriend- how's your day going?? Yeah, my work day is almost over, can't wait to get out of here : ) Your blog is always soo full of info...I need to go check out the candy!! have a great evening, guess what?? Tomorrow is friday!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yummy, anything calorie free I sure do love.

Have a great weekend, hugs, Lori m