Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm a Ninja!

Ok, no I'm not.  I just thought it would be a fun title.  =D  I just wanted to say sorry I haven't been posting any new cards the past few days.  Our power was out for 12 hours on Monday due to some strong winds and big tree limbs. To entertain ourselves, hubby and I played Uno by candlelight for a few hours before bed.  It was a blast!!  It reminded me that as much as I love crafting and cardmaking...I also love my husband and should really spend some time with him.

A while back (almost a year ago!!) we had DVR'd a show called "American Ninja Warrior".  Ninja Warrior is this insanely hard obstacle course in Japan.  As of last season over 2,500 people had attempted to complete all 4 levels...and only 3 people had ever succeeded.  They've been doing this for a number of years.  Well, in 1993 they started having a competition in California called American Ninja Warrior.  People try out (last season 300 people tried out) and the top 10 are flown to Japan to attempt to beat the Ninja Warrior course.  (As of the end of last season no American has ever beat the challenge.)  Anyway, it's really fun, and the challenges are just insane...people falling all over the place crazy.  To get back to my story, we had DVR'd the entire last season.  So, for the past few nights we were finally watching the show.  It's so addicting!!  Luckily this season has already started (which we're also DVRing) so we have a few more episodes beofre we have to wait a week for each new episode to air. 

Tonight I should have an hour or two before hubby gets home.  I'll make a few projects (one of which is already colored) right when I get home so I'm done before he arrives.  =D

Thanks for listening!


Lynn Weber said...

I love Uno, wish we lived close to each other!! I was wondering why you hadn't posted any new cards, but no electricity totally explains it-lol. You are too cute about your honey...I can feel the love!!! I've never heard of that show, but it sounds pretty entertaining, I love reality game new one is "what is it worth". As you reminded me...tomorrow is FRIDAY-woohoo!!! Enjoy the rest of your day & can't wait to see some new creations!!!

Sara I. said...

Sorry to hear that you were unplugged for some time - we had a mini tornado and lost 24 hours of power from the storm so I totally feel ya on this!!! We love Uno here, too!! Can't wait to see what you've got brewing!!

Cely said...

LOL! I've never heard of American Ninja Warrior! I did watch a lot of ninja warrior though... the hubby and I were so broke when we first got together that we couldn't afford cable and the only thing that we could catch on TV was an all Japanese speaking station. bwhahahaha! Those were some fun nights!