Tuesday, August 2, 2011

**Help Needed**

****Edit: Thank you everyone for your help. I have come up with something I think will work. Thanks again!****

Hello all my blogland friends!  I am working on some ATCs in preparation for the 10 year annivesary of the events that occured in New York on 9/11.  I am desperately searching for a fire helmet digi (just the helmet, no person in it), ESPECIALLY if it is a FDNY helmet.  I have been scouring the internet, but am having no luck.  Do any of you know where a firefighter helmet digi might be found?  **Quick update** I am looking for a black and white image because, unfortunately, my computer is almost out of ink and I don't know when I will be able to buy more, so for right now every colored image I print is coming out purple.

Thanks so much for any help you can provide!


Gina L said...

Hey, Star. Do you want one that's realistic and precolored, like a small photo? I went into google images and put in "FDNY helmet". A lot of good pics came up that way.

Anne Fenton said...

Hi Star...Dana said you were looking for a Fireman Helmet...I have a digi, but it is a boy's head in a Helmet...can email it to you if you would like to see it...
Just email me at annefenton60@gmail.com
and let me know.

Starla B. said...

Ladies, thank you for the help. Unfortunately, I cannot print colored images right now (they come out purple) and I really am trying to find an image without any heads in it. Thank you so much for the thoughts, though!! I may just have to rethink my design. LOL I'm sure that's NEVER happened to ANYONE before... =D

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

don't know if it'll work, but i sent you my FIRE PUP image. if you can delete the dog it may be what you're looking for. CHECK YOU EMAILS

hugs :)

Kelly said...

Have you thought about a clip art image? Many of them are black and white.

Anonymous said...

Hi Starla, sorry I don't have anything or I'd be so happy to share, living in NY, the memory lives one year after year.

Hugs, Lori m