Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well, I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful New Year!!  Ours was.....kind of disappointing, actually.  My DH's little sister got married on Saturday (and we are so happy for her!!) in Grand Forks, ND.  Both of her older brothers were going to walk her down the aisle and give her away.  Unfortunately, one of the brothers couldn't make it because his wife is pregnant with twins and on bed rest here in the Cities, so it would have been just DH walking with her.

We left for Grand Forks on Friday morning.  After 5 hours of driving, we had made it to Fergus Falls, MN, which is usually only 2 1/2 hours away.  The roads were bad and getting worse, so we decided to be safe and pull over for the night.  The next morning we checked out of the hotel to get going...only to find that due to the blizzard and strong winds every road leaving Fergus Falls was closed.  Highway patrolmen were sitting at the entrance ramps to turn people away.  We ended up spending the entire weekend in Fergus Falls and missed the wedding completely.  It was so very sad; DH was devastated.  We were able to watch the wedding via an Internet feed, but the feed was choppy and we had no audio.  In a few weeks we'll get a copy of the DVD so we can actually watch the wedding. We love SIL and wish her the best...and we'll have to take her and the new hubby out the next time we see them.

Other than that, and STILL being sick, it was a pretty good weekend.  Sigh.  At least we made it through the drives safely.


Vicki said...

I'm so sorry you guys didn't make the wedding, but I'm grateful (you're picturing the grater, aren't you?) you got home safely.

Love you both!

Starla B. said...

So grateful! LOL