Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back to work...

Last Wednesday I left work all excited to have 5 whole days off...looking forward to Christmas and seeing the in-laws!  Then...I got sick.  So I spent all weekend coughing and sneezing and being achy.  =(  Oh well.  Still had a wonderful Christmas and had a lovely visit!  This weekend, we're going back up for Kirby's wedding, so we're VERY excited about that!  (Hopefully this cold/flu/whatever will be gone by then...)

Oh!  And I won 3rd place in the Bugaboo Catch the Bug challenge!  I was ecstatic!  Not only did I get 2 new digis, I also got a badge for my blog.  Yay!  =)  Keep 'em coming!  LOL

I'll try to get some more pictures posted this week (there's a few more challenges I want to do, time permitting).  If I don't get anything up this week...we'll see you next week!  =)  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend, and has a very SAFE and happy New Year!

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