Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vintage Valentine

My mom and I take a lot of card classes, but we don't give away our "sample" no one ever sees them!  I feel like although these aren't our designs...we work hard on them and deserve a little bragging rights!  So I've decded to start posting them, of course giving credit to the wonderful people who designed them in the first place.   Thus begins my first class post......Archiver's Vintage Valentine Card Workshop!

This was SUCH a fun class!  Lots of Tim Holtz, lots of distressing....some of my favorite things!

This first card we created using a Tim Holtz die and the new awesome!  Add a little embossing (dry and wet), Stickles and Crackle Paint (YAY!)...and you come up with a pretty fun little card.

This card was SO MUCH FUN to make! Mostly because of the new Paper Blossoms flower punches.  These are awesome!  I love the little curling can't tell by the picture, but it makes the flowers really come alive!  Be prepared, can be a little time-intensive...but worth it!  Okay, enough gushing.  Other than the flowers, we used some more distressing, distressed embossing powder with a Tim Holtz stamp, and some Pearls mist.  Very fun!

This card is a simple, easy to make, beautiful card!  Stamping on canvas, embossing, distressing....oh my!  Love it, and love the little pin through the heart.  I really like having the little pins in my creations...maybe I should start actually using them!  =)

And the final card...which is actually one of my favorites.  I love the two layer look we did with this...especially having some of the stamp on each level.  We used the Texture Boutique for this one...distressing (notice a theme here? LOL) and some awesome stamps.

This class is such a blast!  If you're interested in taking it, you can go here and see your local Archiver's store calendar.


PresentStorm said...

Wow girl!! These are all so awesome. I really love the. I LOVE that two layered look on the bottom one.. may have to lift that idea sometime. I think you ABSOLUTELY should share the cards you do in the workshop. These are beyond gorgeous! Great job... Thanks for sharing.

Starla B. said...

Thanks, hon! The two-layered one is my favorite, too. =)