Friday, April 20, 2012


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Ok, y'all, I need your help!  This might sound weird, but I've gotten an odd request for a card.  Has anyone seen an image/digi stamp of two beers dressed as a bride and groom?  Or a bride and groom drinking beers?  A coworker  wants an anniversary card for a former coworker, and she's got her heart set on including beer in it. LOL  If anyone has seen an image like this, or anything in this vein, I would really appreciate your help!  I've tried googling it with no luck.



Trina said...

Maybe one of the fabulous digi artists we know will hook one up for you!

Gina L said...

Does it need to be one you can color, or can it be precolored clip art? I went to google images and typed in beer bride and groom. The first image that popped up is a retro bride and groom drinking beer from huge steins.

Gina L said...

Here's a link to beer bottles dressed like a bride and groom:,r:2,s:91,i:9