Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Sales and Specials!

Good morning, everyone!!  I'm dropping in to let y'all know about the November Sale and Special going on at Digi Doodle Shop.  This month, we have 25% of ALL animal images!!  How great is that?  There are some fabulous images...especially if (like me) you've procrastinated and have not yet made your holiday cards. LOL

Now, you know that every month Digi Doodle Shop has a special, where if you spend $5 you get some lovely freebies.  This month is a little different.  There is something very special happening this month at Digi Doodle Shop. Instead of getting the special images if you spend $5, you'll get it if you spend $7.  Why the increase in price this month?  Because $2 of that money will be given to a wonderful organization called Pet Pardons.

What is Pet Pardons?  It is a Facebook application that focuses on saving the lives of shelter animals.  As of June 7, 2011, it had already saved over 3,000 pets from Death Row across America.  It's goal is to save shelter dogs and cats on Death Row, and also to promote no-kill shelters. 

Here are the special images!

Stay tuned for a special card, using one of the special images, to promote this fabulous organization!

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