Friday, October 28, 2011

Blog Hop Fun!

Hey y'all!!  I'm just posting real quick to tell everyone about a fun little blog hop that's coming up in a little more than a week.

A little while ago (thanks to Cely's hop) I reached 100 followers, and I was so super excited!  I'm just honored that so many people actually care what I am writing and creating.  LOL  Then, last Sunday was my birthday.  Before you ask....29.  One more year to the big 3-0!  Surprisingly....I'm not stressing about that.  =D  Lastly, November 7th is my one year Blogaversary.  I just can't believe it's been a year already!!  Sometimes it feels like I've been doing this forever, and sometimes it seems like only yesterday.  I can still remember sitting at Archiver's this time last year, creating my very first cards for the Michelle Perkett, Guylou's Inimitabililty and Midnight Madness challenges.  I like to think I've grown since then, and I have met so many amazing people in this community that continue to inspire me every day...not only with their creativity and talent, but also with their big hearts.

So, to celebrate all of these milestones....I am having a blog hop and challenge!  That's right!  I'm so excited...and also nervous.  LOL  I've got a ton of incredibly talented ladies helping me out, and there are going to be quite a few I really hope you'll stop by!!

I hope to see you there!


Linda said...

Oh Starla, congratulations hun! Your own Blog Hop. How exciting is that! I sure want to check that out!

Cely said...

Woohoo!!! Can't wait for it! :D And congrats on all of the above!

jenlynnie said...

Happy Birthday!!! and congrats on 100.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday and Congrats on the followers, I'm polishing up my hopping shoes now. Hugs, Lori m