Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Girls Day Out

Last Saturday my mom and I went to the Rubber Stamping & Scrapbooking Expo at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds.  Oh, the fun we had!  So many great deals!  Plus, we got to see a lot of stuff that we don't usually see since most of the Expo people are from other states.  Over the next few weeks I'm sure you're going to be seeing some of the stuff I got.

One of my most interesting finds is the Iris Folding Stamp from Stamp N Plus Scrap N.  The Iris Folding Stamp is a particular type of stamp, not name of the stamp I bought.  (Actually, they don't really have names.  I looked at the store and the stamp I bought is F-IR059.)  All of the stamps have numerous lines running through them.  You stamp it onto a piece of paper, and cut the stamp out using a craft knife.  Then, using removable tape, you tape the paper you cut out over the hole in your card, using it as a type of guide/mask for the next step.  You tape numerous tiny pieces of folded paper following the lines on the mask.  When you have completely covered the hole, you remove the mask from the front and voila!  You have an awesome image created out of many little pieces of paper.

Yes, I know....I'm HORRIBLE at describing this.  It's kind of hard to describe...but if you saw the process I promise it would make sense! LOL  Here's my card:

See all the lines from the folded pieces of paper?  Because I used a shiny paper for the dress, it was REALLY hard to take a picture.  The actual colors of the card...background is a pale purple.  The Stickles outline is bright red. The frame is a denim blue, and the red dress is a bright, shiny red (like metallic wrapping paper).  I wish I had been able to get a better picture, because it really makes the card look great.  

I just couldn't wait to use this stamp!  It was a lot of fun.  Next time, I'm definitely using different colors.  I will also probably try it without a shiny paper....and we'll see if the pictures turn out better.  =D

We'll see you tomorrow!


Kirei na Kami said...

Oh my goodness!!! This is GORGEOUS!!! I cannot believe how real the dress looks...and with all the recent proms, this would be perfect for a scrabook layout:) I really love all the texture the "lines" the illusion that the dress is flowing off the page! A dazzling creation!!!


Rosie said...

It came out AWESOME!!! I love it! I am going to get crafty today. Tomorrow is my husband's birthday so I have to make him a card. I have to make a graduation card and a wedding present for next weekend. I already had a wedding card made but I can't find it so I guess I'll be making a new one of those too!

PresentStorm said...

Wow you have patience!! That sounds like a lot of work but it was worth it because that is sooo very cool!