Thursday, May 10, 2012

Best of the Web!

**This is post #3 for today...if you're looking for the Digi Doodle Shop or Sassy Studio Designs post, please scroll down**

Hey y'all!  I'm you didn't think you'd get so many posts out of me today!  =D  Well, I have some very exciting news.  Have you ever heard of Craft Corners?  They are a craft blog with all kinds of tips, tricks and tutorials for many different types of crafts.  From stitching to jewelry, home and garden to recycling projects...there's a little something for everyone!  You should definitely check them out.

Craft Corners also does a little post they call "Best of the Web", where they highlight some of the interesting craft blogs they've come across.  Guess who is one of today's features?  That's right....MOI!  Oh, let me tell you, I am just so honored and excited!!  

I took a look around the other blogs being featured today, and they are *fabulous*!  You should check them out!!  Visit the Best of the Web post here.  Craft Corners is definitely becoming my go to blog for inspiration and DIY projects.  I hope you are similarly inspired!


Bunny said...

Well done Starla

I was on there no18 best of the web :):)

Caz xx

Starla B. said...
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