Monday, April 22, 2013

Pinterest Win

Hi!  Welcome to post # 2 today.  Crazy, right?  I feel like I'm overcompensating for being gone so long.

I've recently started cooking.  Rather, I've recently started THINKING about cooking.  Having Bear in our lives now, I've decided it's time to start eating healthy, cooked at home meals so we're prepared when he starts eating solid foods.  With that in mind, I've been scouring Pinterest for recipes, and I've found TONS.

Last night, I actually made one.  It's crazy.  I feel so empowered.  I actually cooked.  I know for many this is nothing, but for me it's a huge accomplishment.

So, one of the recipes I found here was for a 2 bean enchilada casserole.  Looks pretty good, right?

They, of course, took pictures after putting the tomatoes on.  I took my picture before adding anything on top (like lettuce), but here's mine.

Doesn't look at all pretty like the pinned picture, but it was delicious, so I'm calling it a win. (Though the next time I make it I'm adding corn to the baked part, and sour cream and possibly crunched up chips to the top.) Next meal I'm trying?  Tater Tot Casserole. Wish me luck!

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Stef H said...

yeah, i've "learned" to cook because of PINTEREST too and it NEVER comes out looking like theirs. but it sure does taste good!

hope you're well and your little BEAR is just precious!

good to see you back.

hugs :)